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Tips for the proper care and feeding of your slicing board

  •  After use, rinse it clean, and wipe it dry.  Never let it soak in water.  Wipe the cutting wire clean with a damp cloth.

  •  Every six months, or whenever the wood looks dry, reapply a protective mineral oil finish, (do not use vegetable oil) or a mixture of 10 parts mineral oil and 1 part beeswax. This will  prevent water from penetrating and damaging the wood.

  •  We have supplied one extra, replacement cutting wire.  In the event that the cutting wire becomes damaged or broken, instructions for replacing the wire can be found on an our website.

  •  Or, if you wish, you may return your slicing board to us along with a payment of $10.00, and our Craftsman will replace the cutting wire and return the board to you.

  • Request return authorization by contacting our Craftsman using the email address stamped on the bottom of your board.
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